Below is a list of some of the commonly asked questions from employers. If your question is not in this list, please contact the administrator and they will be able to assist you. 


How does an employee know contributions are being paid on their behalf?

At the end of each year, the member will receive an annual statement of their account as of the 30th of September each year. This will show individual contributions which have been paid on their behalf as well as the total funds in their account. Members may also setup online access to their account and see an up to date list of transactions or contact the administrator

How does a new employee know they are a member of CIRT?

Once a membership application has been processed, the new employee will receive a welcome letter and a CIRT membership card showing their membership identifier.

Who can join CIRT?

Electricians and other electronic workers who work on commercial building sites and are covered by the Award.

What happens when an employee moves from one employer to another?

The employee will continue to enjoy the benefits of CIRT provided the new employer is a participating CIRT employer and contributes on their behalf. The employee should provide the new employer with their membership details.

Can an Employee transfer CIRT entitlements to a Superannuation Fund?

No. The Australian Taxation Office has changed the law and employees can no longer transfer their CIRT entitlements to a superannuation fund.

What GST is applicable on payments to CIRT?

GST is payable on JETCO payments only. The weekly JETCO rate quoted in the relevant agreement (Eg $5.00, $10.00 or $15.00) is GST inclusive.

Can I contribute to JETCO on behalf of an employee who is not receiving CIRT payments?

No. JETCO is the training fund associated with CIRT and can only be paid into for employees who are also receiving CIRT payments.

Are payments into JETCO included as part of the redundancy payment for employees?

No. Payments to JETCO are separate to payments to CIRT and are not to be included when calculating an employee’s redundancy entitlement.

What is the difference between CIRT and JETCO?

CIRT is the redundancy fund and JETCO is the training fund. If your employer is contributing to CIRT, they may also be contributing to JETCO. An employer is not able to contribute to JETCO if they are not also contributing to CIRT for the employee.

Where can we obtain additional information or help?

Call the CIRT administrators on 1300 200 123 remembering to have at hand your CIRT details.

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