CIRT Online gives employees online access to many aspects of their CIRT account

Through CIRT online an employee has currently has access to the following functions:

  • Edit their address and contact details.
  • View a history of their CIRT employments.
  • View a history of claims which have been processed.
  • View the transactions in their account including payments from employers.
  • Submit completed CIRT or JETCO claim documents.

 Changes to the employee’s name and beneficiary must be made in writing.

To change your beneficiary, please complete the beneficiary nomination form (available to download on the right) and return the completed forms to CIRT for processing. These changes will be reflected online and in your next annual statement

To change an employee name, please complete the membership change of details form (available to download on the right) and return with supporting documentation to CIRT. Once your request has been processed, you will be issued with a new membership card to reflect the new name. Please note, a new membership card will only be issues if a membership application form has previously been completed.

Use of CIRT online is controlled by the following policies

Internet Privacy Policy         General Privacy Policy            Confidentiality Policy


To Access CIRT Online, click the CIRT Online cloud on the right side of each page.